Prepare for Repair


– Please take down all pictures and and move furniture from areas we will be working in.

– Remove all personal items you may need (ie: medications, toothbrush, shaver, etc)

– Shovel sidewalk and driveways should there be snow.

– Keep entryways clear to bring heavy equipment inside.

– Be prepared for destruction and construction in the home which includes dust, debris, and loud noises.


– You may wish to stay somewhere else because the V.O.C. fumes from the oil based polyurethane are very strong and usually rise. Some people can tolerate the smell and stay in the basement if they have access without having the walk on the hardwood floor. Be prepared to stay off the floor for the given time frame to assure quality final product.

– We will be doing construction on the home and the time frame may be extended within the project due to unexpected and unforeseen issues but will do our best to keep within deadlines.

– The hardwood floor will not have a piano top finish and there can be tiny specs of debris but according to the National Wood Flooring Association, if the debris cannot be seen from 5 feet away, and 5 feet in the air, it is within their guidelines.

– Please note that when doing a new install or lacing into an existing floor that new material may not match old, existing material. 40 years ago distributors were able to get 15 foot material and today they are only able able to get 8 foot material.


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